We are a fun loving family of 4. We are sleepy. 

Just kidding. We are, but we love it. 

My name is Sara and I live in Charlotte NC with my husband, Joe. We have been married since Sept of 2015 and we are so lucky to be on this ride together. Joe is originally from a small town in Virginia called Alta Vista and I hail from Forked River, NJ (pronounced Fork-ed. Not forked) 

We brought our twins into this world on August 29, 2016 and have been holding on for dear life ever since. Jack Joseph is the oldest by 4 minutes, which I’m sure he will hold over his sisters head for life. Ava Kate, who is a full-fledged diva, will make her mark on this world by being a total BossLady. 
There’s a lot to be said for living a twin life and a lot to be learned. I’m here to share our experiences, keep it funny and hear from other moms about how to navigate.